A Depressing Sight which led to use Dr CYJ hair fillers

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Today’s blog is going to be about my hair loss story and how I recovered from it through Dr. CYJ Hair Filler.

I have stopped my hair from getting styled. Everywhere I go, I tie up my hair in a bun which has become quite boring. People have been asking me questions about my constant hairdo because back in high school, I used to style my hair every six months. It was such a sensitive topic for me that I was not able to open up and talk about it. I was afraid to get judged and people will make fun of me about going bald. I bought Dr.CYJ hair filler from Hyaldirect.

The kind of hair loss that I went through is called Telogen Effluvium; hair loss from stress or a lot of pregnant women got through this hair loss soon after they deliver their baby because hormones level goes down so fast that it shocks their body. People who had major surgery or any kind of mental trauma can get this sort of hair fall. A research has been provided where people are developing this disease in case they are not getting some kind of vitamins essential for the body.

I went through the same problem and I was losing bunch of hair while combing, styling and taking shower. This happened because during my second year of nursing school I was going through some major problems in my family. Plus I was sick with virus and on antibiotics. Lastly was going through hypothyroidism. Many things were changing all at once in my body which led to hair fall.

After going through a number of treatments on my hair and none of them working right, I decided to use hair filler. I did not want to experiment something on my hair so I decided to make a research study regarding all the fillers and its ingredients and surprisingly came to know a lot of things that are used to produce these fillers. People have a common disbelief that fillers have numerous side effects but after my analysis were completed. I planned to use DR. CYJ Hair Filler and learnt that it is especially made from and important organic ingredient, hyaluronic acid which brings back that lost hydration in your scalp and helps your hair grow hydrated.

I bought the product from Hyaldirect as they were offering the aesthetic treatment from a practitioner with no cost. After twenty minutes of operation, I initially felt bruising around my scalp but it later went away leaving my hair thicker and hair follicles growing back to give rise to new hair growth.

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